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Tree For Me- A Tree for Every Pakistani

افراد کے ہاتھوں میں ہے اقوام کی تقدیر

ہر فرد ہے ملت کے مُقدر کا ستارہ

A tree for every Pakistani- in the homeland

Current population of Pakistan is 218,114,773 which are 2.81% of the total world population and we are 5th  largest  countries by population. There is a vibrant diaspora of overseas Pakistanis approximately 8.8 million. The largest 7 Million in Middle East, 2nd largest 1.2 Million in United kingdom and then rest of the world.
We aim to plant a tree for every Pakistani in the homeland. possibly a gift from overseas Pakistanis to the homeland.
Through our Solidarity Model we aim to create
entrepreneurs/family owned businesses to take responsibility for planting and nurturing of my tree. Create electronic tagging system for people to monitor progress of their tree.
Corporates and businesses can pitch in as their Corporate Social Responsibilities planting on behalf of their employees.
Individuals to take part under Live Event Project , where individuals plant a tree on their Birth Day, Graduation, Job, Engagement/Marriage.
A tree to be planted at birth of every child, a tree to be planted at every soul departed.
One can plant a tree under Family Tree Project, plant tree as far as Family Tree/Shjrahe Nasb, identify your loved ones, grandfather and uncles and aunts and relate their personality with a tree, like strength, humility, love, shade.
It can be a Gift/Present by Overseas Pakistanis(POP). Own a Tree, Own a Village, plant tree in projects in your own village, town, city or province.
Ground work needs to be done for this project.  

Opportunities to be identified in major cities only with a very conservative estimate of 5 acres of plantation in each city.

An organization is to take responsibility for planting and nurturing of “my tree” with

  • (cost of plantation and nurturing, with regular feedback of my tree’s growth.
  • Electronic Tagging system for people to monitor progress of their tree
  • a non-fruit tree is RS ……..+ …..x amount for nurturing,
  • and fruit tree is………. + ….nurturing.

We can have a campaign to all overseas Pakistanis.