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Planting Seeds of Change

About Fruit for Life

Welcome to the soul of positive transformation, where each planted seed symbolizes hope, resilience, and a commitment to a greener, healthier world.
Fruit for Life is more than an organization; it’s a movement driven by the passion of individuals committed to address critical issues affecting Pakistan and the planet at large.

Our Founding Story

Founded by Dr. Aamerah Shah, a dedicated physician with a vision for a  responsible world.
Fruit for Life emerged from a deep-seated sense of responsibility and belief in solidarity.
Dr. Shah’s  commitment to bring positive change through solidarity not charity led to the establishment of an organization that weaves responsibility and solidarity into the fabric of daily life.


Meet Our Team

Dr.Aamerah Shah

Founder & Chairperson

A visionary physician, Dr. Aamerah Shah, laid the foundation for Fruit for Life with a profound belief in the transformative power of giving. As the driving force behind our mission, Dr. Shah brings a unique blend of medical expertise and a passion for environmental and social change.

Muhammad Maroof

Chief Operating Officer

With a background of four years in the public sector, I transitioned to the Gulf region, working for Fortune 500 companies in regional positions. Currently based in Dubai, I continue to pursue my passion for plantation, contributing to the greenery of our motherland.

Imran Akram

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced advocate for environmental sustainability, Imran Akram plays a key role in the financial stewardship of Fruit for Life. His commitment to green projects aligns seamlessly with our mission to create a positive impact on the planet.

FFL History

Fruit for Life began as a vision, shared in 2015-16, gradually evolving into a robust entity officially launched in February 2020.
Driven by the need to address environmental deterioration, hunger, and nutritional deficiencies, our journey has been one of purposeful growth and adaptation.
From the initiation of the FFL Lone Ranger campaign in April 2020, symbolizing individual responsibility, to the present day, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to bring  positive change.
Our history is not just a timeline but a narrative of resilience, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

Core Objectives

Environmental Sustainability

Combating deforestation and climate change through strategic tree planting initiatives.
Fostering sustainable planting practices for long-term environmental benefits, through maintaining biodiversity and the revival of natural processes which lies at the heart of naturally functioning ecosystems.


Community Empowerment

Putting people first by creating economic opportunities and empowering families specially youth and women.

  • Providing interest-free loans to small farmers and gardeners, encouraging orchard cultivation and economic independence.
  • Empowering women and youth through family-owned small businesses, contributing to gender equality and financial inclusion.
  • Entrepreneurship leading to small business development through our “Solidarity Model”


Combating Hunger and Nutritional Deficiency

  • Donating fruit trees to combat hunger, encourage healthy eating, alleviate nutritional deficiencies and tackle obesity
  • Addressing food scarcity by promoting sustainable practices that ensure a more secure future for communities.


Nurturing Habits in the Next Generation

  • Instilling responsible and nurturing habits in the younger generation.
  • Encouraging an environmentally conscious mindset for a sustainable and harmonious future.


It’s a Process, Rather than an End Goal

Fruit For Life plant fruit tree as a  long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most.

Taking the concept of Green Pakistan (One Billion Tree) one step ahead, Our Idea is to do Fruit plantation along with shade trees which not only provide positive step towards climate change and its hazards but also encourage healthy eating, combat hunger, food scarcity, nutritional deficiencies

It is a step towards responsible human beings, by instilling nurturing habits in the next generation to live in harmony with the environment.

Our battle is against indifference restoring degraded ecosystems can yield steady improvements over long timeframes.

Economists estimate that investments in ecosystem restoration can generate multiple benefits for societies worth US$10 for every US$1 invested.
We consider it a step in the right direction towards poverty alleviation and recognizing the central role that women plays for effective forest restoration and reforestation.

Pilot Project- Self funded

Is a self-driven and self-funded initiative to get the knowledge, obstacles, sustainability And monitoring……………

Achievements and Milestones


2015-16 Vision Shared

The inception of a shared vision that laid the groundwork for Fruit for Life.

February 2020 Official Launch - FFL Lone Ranger

The official launch of Fruit for Life and the initiation of the FFL Lone Ranger pilot project/campaign planting in schools, roadsides and interested individuals emphasizing individual responsibility.
• Multan and outskirts
• Sindh- Noshero Feroz
• Koh Suliman

Shared Partnerships

APRIL 2020
• Khubaib Foundation - Sargodha
• Bunyad Foundation- Lahore
JULY 2023
• PHA- Multan

Ongoing Successful Tree Plantation Campaigns

Continuous efforts in tree plantation campaigns with proven positive outcomes.



Our partnerships are not just affiliations; they are strategic alliances aimed at amplifying our impact and creating a more sustainable future.
At Fruit for Life, our story is one of shared responsibility, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference.

01. Akhuwat Foundation

Collaborating on donating fruit trees for affordable housing projects.

02. Namal Knowledge City


03. Government Initiatives

Partnering with government initiatives like the Billion Tree Tsunami, contributing to conservation success.