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Welcome To
Fruit For

Planting hope, through solidarity not charity
Welcome to Fruit for Life

Planting hope and nurturing lives through solidarity not charity

Fruit for life is a project to tackle the issue of environmental deterioration, hunger, nutritional deficiencies, by planting fruit trees throughout the globe starting with homeland.
We are a voluntary group, planting trees (Fruit & other) in shared partnership to nurture.By putting people first and empowering them we aspire to foster a sustainable future for both humanity and the planet.

Why  Fruit for Life?

At the heart of our organization is the understanding that environmental sustainability and human well-being are interconnected. We address critical issues facing world including Pakistan, from deforestation and climate change to poverty and malnutrition contributing in eroding self-respect.

Welcome Message

Welcome to Fruit for Life, where every planted seed symbolizes not just a tree but a promise of hope, sustainability, and positive change.
We believe in the transformative power of planting trees and its impact on empowering communities.
As you step into our virtual space, we welcome you on a journey of cultivating change and envision its impact on lives.


At Fruit for Life, we’re more than just an organization; we’re a movement driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards environment and well-being of individuals and communities.
Established in February 2020, our roots extend back in 2015-16 when we shared a vision of a greener, healthier and dignified world Pakistan.

While also tackling the climate crisis, Planting trees, surely benefit people and nature.
An immense arena of opportunity lies where every US$1 invested could yield at least US$10 in benefits, by creating jobs for youth in urban as well as rural areas,allowing people from rural areas to be in their lands instead of rushing to cities in search of jobs.
This will create opportunities for family-owned small businesses, women empowerment, and poverty alleviation.

Availability of fruits will also encourage healthy eating, combat hunger in wake of food scarcity and tackle nutritional deficiencies and obesity.

It is a step towards inculcating nurturing habits in the next Generation, a step towards living in harmony with the nature and being a responsible human being.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Rooted in the belief that solidarity more than charity can create a ripple effect of positive change by putting people first, empowering communities, and creating a sustainable future for both humanity and the planet by strategically planting fruit trees across the country.

“To combat environmental deterioration, hunger, and nutritional deficiencies by strategically planting fruit trees across the country.

Our initiatives aim to put people first, empower communities, and create a sustainable future for both humanity and the planet.”


Our Vision

To foster a world where every tree planted represents a step towards environmental sustainability, combating hunger, empowering communities. embracing responsibility and nurturing habits through solidarity.

Tree Plantation Campaigns

Witness the phased growth  and share the vision of the positive transformation of communities.

  • 3/years plantations
  • Public plantation
  • PPP plantations

Empowerment Programs

Discover how our initiatives go beyond planting trees, empowering individuals’ women, youth and communities for sustained positive change.

  • Solidarity model

Environmental Impact

Explore our strategies for combating climate change, deforestation statistics, and our role in political initiatives addressing environmental issues.

  • Koh Suliman

Founder’s Message

Dr. Aamerah Shah

I’ve always believed in the profound impact of solidarity, and it’s this belief that led to the establishment of “Fruit for Life”.
As a physician, I understand the intrinsic link between environmental health and human well-being.
Empathy and solidarity are woven in the intricate strands of my DNA and I respond to the call for a responsible, healthier, prosperous, and just society through my thoughts, words and deeds.

My mission is putting people first, empowering them, and creating a positive social change.
I invite you to join us on this journey, where every tree planted is a step towards creating a sustainable, prosperous, and harmonious future.

Greetings from
Muhammad Maroof!

I hail from a rural area in Pakistan, where I witnessed barren land throughout our village, facing challenges like a scarcity of plants and difficulty in obtaining wood for stoves. To address this, I initiated fruit tree plantation on any available vacant land in our village. As of now, I’ve successfully planted over 5,000 fruit trees, predominantly citrus.
Additionally, I’ve actively participated in nationwide tree-planting campaigns, contributing to the planting of over 6,000 trees across the country. Plantation has become my passion, and wherever I travel, I bring seeds to plant in my hometown.
The pictures above showcase our village in 2023, and the Google Earth images from the same year narrate the story of hard work behind this initiative. I’ve established a dedicated on-ground team to manage and sustain the efforts.

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